Minimal pre or post processing

Pre-milling and corner rounding were also on the shopping list. These units eliminate the need to buzz workpieces prior to edgbanding and automatically round the corners. Tony explains “parts now come off the edgebander with very minimal manual post-processing or cleaning required. Although the Homag is faster, speed wasn’t critical, but it’s also appreciated. And even though we process a wide range of materials, everyone in the factory can use the Homag due to the capability to save and recall programs and easily adjust the processing units through the control pane”.

The top end of the market is where Hewe concentrate their efforts. So much so that there is a name change in the wind to “Hewe Architectural Cabinetry”. With 95% of their business going into high-end residential fit-outs, the quality of the edgebanding fi nish is critical to satisfying customers with high expectations.  

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