While waiting for the CNC to be installed, the first few kitchens were cut on a panel saw. Hardeep says the panel saw is hardly used at all now with their cutting and drilling being processed on the Format-4 CNC. They construct their cabinets with a mortice and tenon join which speeds up assembly and results in a strong cabinet. Together with the quality of edgebanding coming off the Homag 1440, these advantages have quickly become selling points to their customers. “The Homag has definitely met our expectations” says Hardeep. “Our staff are big fans. Parts come off the edgebander finished and ready for assembly. We do next to no manual cleaning of the parts after the edgebander.”As well as the laser capability the Homag 1440, it’s fast and easy to set-up with all processing units adjustable from the control panel. The multi-profile tooling enables a very high quality finish across a wide range of materials.

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