The E3 ATC2513 from AscentPro sets a new standard for nesting.

With over 25 years of experience selling and servicing CNCs, we know what features a machine needs to ensure efficient, effective and profitable production for your business.

From the steel construction of the body and gantry to the high quality, internationally recognised components, the E3 ATC2513 is raising the bar for nesting CNCs.  The PC-based, user friendly interface ensures you and your staff will be up to speed in CNC operation in the shortest possible time. Combine your E3 ATC2513 router with kitchen design-to-machine software and realise the maximum benefit from your investment.


Italian FAM 5 + 4 Drilling Head

For quick and efficient drilling, the independent FAM 5 + 4 drilling head can drill a single hole at a time or bank drill rows of holes in one action.

Italian Hiteco 9.5kW Spindle With HSK63 Tool Holders

A proven, high quality spindle, the 9.5kW Hiteco offers plenty of power while the ceramic bearings minimise vibration and extend service life - often lasting 250% longer than steel bearings.

The HSK tool holding system provides twice the clamping force and 5 times the radial stiffness of ISO30 tool holders, resulting in a better quality finish and extended tool life.

8 Slot Rotary Tool Change Magazine

With the tool changer mounted on the gantry, tool changes are very fast, improving the productivity of your CNC. It also means that material can be loaded from all sides and oversized workpieces can be fed right through.

Italian OSAI Controller

OSAI is widely recognised as an industry leader in CNC controllers. A genuine Dell PC with Windows 7 operating system ensures your E3 CNC is at the forefront of technology.

Hand Held Controller

The MPG XYZ handwheel enables simple, convenient control of your CNC right at the workpiece - allowing you to ‘prove’ the job before running at speed, or precisely set a zero point.

Tool Length Sensor for Pinpoint Accuracy

The fixed tool length sensor ensures precise tool length measurements. The sensor is recessed into the table to protect it from damage when loading large sheets, and an air jet keeps the measuring surface pristine for pin-point accuracy.

3 Pop-up Stops as Standard

Helpful when you’re loading and locating full sheets or one-off jobs, or re-machining offcuts, these stops enable you to locate your workpiece accurately.

Japanese THK Linear Rails On All Axes

Japanese THK linear rails are widely regarded as the best in the business. With self-lubricating bearing blocks, they provide a minimum of 50,000m working life.

German WMH Herion Helical Racks & Pinion

Made in Germany, the Helical rack & pinions on the X and Y axes provide more contact surface area than traditional straight cut rack & pinion, providing smoother movement, reducing backlash and improving machining accuracy.

Your CNC machining centre is only half the story. To get the maximum benefit from a CNC machine it is critical to use an efficient software package that will take your design through to the CNC with the least amount of fuss. 

The E3 uses industry standard G Code and is therefore compatible with most CAD/CAM design packages.   

Main spindle 9.5kW
X, Y, Z working area 2500 x 1300 x 180mm*
Spindle speeds 0 - 24,000rpm
Maximum cutting height up to 25m/min
Drive system Servo
Weight 1800kg
Drilling head 9 spindle (5 + 4) FAM
Tool changer 8 slot rotary

*The E3 series offers two larger CNCs with working areas of

3000 x 1500mm

4000 x 2000mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

E3 ATC2513 CNC
E3 ATC2513 CNC
Profit H08 Professional CNC
Profit H08 Professional CNC
Main spindle 9.5kW 10kW HSD
X, Y, Z working area 2500 x 1300 x 180mm* 2500 x 1250 x 85mm
Maximum cutting height up to 25m/min 56 m/min
Weight 1800kg 1900kg
Drilling head 9 spindle (5 + 4) FAM 8 spindle (6 x 2) FAM
Tool changer 8 slot rotary 8 station linear