Weinig's EasyScan series: your profitable solution for wood optimization


Of all the process stages in solid wood processing, cutting offers the greater potential for optimisation. No wonder that many companies start here to improve the performance of their production lines. The use of scanner technology provides defect detection via camera and laser is an ultra-efficient instrument in for maximum productivity, optimal quality and the shortest delivery times. Speed and accuracy are among the scanner's main attributes.


The results are improved value creation, consistently high product quality and increased profits. In large modern companies, the scanner has long been an integral component of the cutting system and has replaced manual workpiece inspection. Smaller companies, on the other hand, can struggle with making the leap into the digital age of production – at times because of reservations in terms of cost-effectiveness. The  Weinig EasyScan allays those concerns!


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Your Weing EasyScan will provide:

  • High productivity thanks to automated defect detection
  • Increased recovery – the detection accuracy of the scanner is far superior to manual marking
  • More flexible production since many different qualities and products can be produced at the same time
  • Increased quality of end products
  • Reduced labour costs – no more labour-intensive manual marking
  • Ability to control the quality of end products according to individual customers, etc.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Full details on the EasyScan series, extensions, technical specifications and reference studies can be found at the EasyScan page of Weinig's website.

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