Weinig's CombiScan Evo series: maximum performance and flexibility


The CombiScan Evo LuxscanLine series is the flagship of the Weinig scanner portfolio, opening up new optimisation potential for your production with technology that ensures optimal production control and transparency.


Simple optimisation is the key to efficient production. The CombiScan Evo can be linked with various Weinig machines, such as cross-cut saws, rip saws and sorting systems. The optimisation software allows a variety of qualities and zones to be created and combined into multiple end products. The products and qualities are stored in a database and can be selected at any time via drag and drop. The logical user interface of the scanner simplifies settings in a visual way providing simple operation for all.


The modular design of the CombiScan Evo allows various sensor technologies to be combined together as modules in accordance with customer requirements. This provides a custom-made machine with a perfect sensor combination with a very good price-performance ratio.


The standard laser camera enables detection of defects on up to 4 sides. Colour features are recorded and reliably recognised with an additional high-resolution, colour camera. Not only is it possible to detect blue stain, for example, it is also possible to sort by colour features. Lamellae for edge glued panels, for example, can be classified and sorted in colour grades before pressing.


An X-ray sensor is also used for defects with varying densities. This enables the machine to look at different surfaces and classify defects according to density. Sensors for shape measurement, moisture, unplaned areas etc. complete the picture.


The scanner also features automatic moving cameras based on a unique mechanical design. This allows for simple, automated changes to the cross section and can also be designed to process random width products at the same time. Thanks to the available sensor technology and modular design, the CombiScan Evo always remains future-proof and adaptable to new challenges in production.

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Your Weinig CombiScan Evo will provide: 

  • Fast return on investment
  • Optimisation of your products by value, utilization or production objective
  • Extensive statistical functions in real time
  • Compatible with all high-performance optimizing cross-cut saws, high-performance rip saws and sorting systems
  • Optional processing of random width boards in a single production run
  • Optionally upgradeable sensor concepts (x-ray technology, moisture measurement, shape measurement and much more)
  • Complete defect detection: Unprocessed edges, branches, tears, pith, resin pockets, blue/red rot...
  • Tested industrial sensor technology


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Full details on the EasyScan series, extensions, technical specifications and reference studies can be found at the EasyScan page of Weinig's website.

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