Tormek's SVM45 Knife Jig is designed for sharpening smaller knives, with blade lengths of  60mm (2 3/8") to 120mm, and a maximum width of 45mm (1¾").  With its carefully controlled sharpening, the jig removes only a minimum amount of steel and maintains the edge at its original angle. The SVM45 is also ideal for carver's draw knives.

The jig for knife sharpening comprises an adjustable clamp for holding knives of any thickness and an adjustable stop. You adjust the jig to the knife thickness with the screw, and lock the tool by tightening the knob.

The jig rests freely on the Universal Support so you can follow the curve of the blade. The exact edge angle is set by rotating the stop or with the Micro Adjust on the Universal Support.

The Universal Support is normally placed vertically for knife sharpening towards the edge. Short knives can also be ground away from the edge with the Universal Support placed horizontally.

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