Concept 2012 go bullet speed ahead

Concept 2012 were one of the first Chinese manufacturers to invest in CNC technology. The progressive nature of the business has them upgrading their machinery on a regular basis. “Our machines are working constantly 8 – 10 hours per day, 5-6 days per week,” says Jinyuan. “Once maintenance costs start to increase, we look to replace or upgrade.”

Concept 2012’s latest investment is the Anderson GS-612 auto labelling, loading, and offloading nesting CNC. The Anderson GS- 612 uses similar technology as found in bullet trains. Opposing magnets in combination with lineal guides use forces of attraction and repulsion to move  the  machine in the X and Y axes. There are many significant advantages with this technology. The first  is obvious: speed. Acceleration and deceleration are five times faster than CNCs that use conventional servomotors with a rack and pinion system. A top end speed of 120m/min is reached in just 60mm of travel compared with 300mm of travel in conventional CNCs.

Other advantages include no backlash so improved accuracy; no friction so reduced maintenance costs; and virtually no vibration so a better-quality finish, particularly evident on MDF profiled doors. Complementing the massive rapid speed advantage is the 11.2kW liquid cooled spindle with cutting feed-speeds of 50m/min in chipboard and 35m/min in MDF. The large 32 spindle drilling head rounds out the package.

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