Garth and Dean decided on a WDMAX CNC and Homag Edgebander.

“We went with the fully automated WDMAX nesting line with automatic label printing, panel loading, machining and unloading. Wynand (from Jacks) estimated an automated line would increase our productivity by 30%. I actually think its higher than that. We wanted our productivity to be dictated by the machine and not by an employee which would vary depending on an employee’s energy levels on the day. Although we weren’t familiar with WDMAX as a brand, we know Jacks has been around a long time so we felt confident the machine would have good back-up.”

“We’ve had the WDMAX for 8 months now and I can honestly say its an awesome machine. It literally hasn’t skipped a beat. The dust extraction is fantastic. Blowers aimed at the tool blow a jet of air in the channel cut by the router bit which helps the dust get sucked up the extraction chute. Then the vacuum arm removes any dust left behind” says Dean. 

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