Improving work flows and lightening the load.

The Fimal saw combines the advantages a beamsaw with a dimension saw. The material is held in place by a pressure beam while the fully enclosed sawblade cuts through the material. Unlike a beamsaw, mitre and compound mitre cuts are possible with the sawblade tilt function, and mitre fence.

Paul rattles off  a list of other advantages - some of which he’d anticipated and others that had been learned since installation. “My guys do far less material handling which reduces fatigue. They tell me they’re not going home tired, smelly and covered in dust. Because the material is stationary while being cut, the cut quality and accuracy has improved. When we cut something at 650mm, it is 650mm not 650.5mm. Also, we don’t scratch the board because we’re not pushing the material across metal and aluminum surfaces. The phenolic surface of the Fimal is very forgiving.” The workshop layout has improved too. “Our old saw used to dominate the workshop,” says Paul, “whereas the Fimal saw is placed in a corner near the entrance where our board comes in.”

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