"We run the glue-pot at half full and have pre-melter topping up so we’re always processing with freshly melted glue” says Chris. “After breaks, the glue is still in good condition with no lumps and it hasn’t burnt – as was the case with our previous edgebander. The glue line is nice and thin, and with the spray units on the Homag we don’t have any manual cleaning to do when the parts come off  the edgebander.  Previously we’d have to run blades over edges and clean excess glue away with solvents”, adds Josh.

The new Homag S-380 has also reduced down time through its automatic glue-pot cleaning system and the ability to quickly access programs and switch between materials. Chris and Josh also love the top pressure belt.  “It’s so much better at holding smaller workpieces. Small parts would sometimes skew around on our previous edgebander.  Not anymore. We get consistent high quality edgebanding across our full range of materials,” says Josh.

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