Enjoy the benefits of true European quality with Format-4's H08 Professional CNC machine. Designed specifically for nesting the Profit H08 comes standard with a number of special features which deliver a high quality performance, improve safety in the workshop and reduce maintenance. Your Profit H08 router is not only built to perform but its 100% European origin means it’s also built to last.  

  • Quick and simple operation with modern windows-based controller software.
  • Small workshop space requirements due to the unique light curtain safety system.
  • Optimum dust extraction performance with automatic extraction gates and dust hood height adjustment.
  • Standard with Format-4 cabinet design and nesting software and also compatible with all common existing CAD/CAM software packages.
  • HSK F63 Tool Holders for improved cutting results and longer tool life.
  • Matrix table with optimised grid geometry for excellent workpiece hold-down performance.
  • Low maintenance with automatic central lubrication.
  • Optimum operational safety guaranteed by light beam safety curtain and monitored pop-up stops.
  • Teleservice for fast and convenient service support and networking ability for efficient job file transfer.
  • Ideal for processing wood, plastics, aluminium composite panels and plasterboard

High quality Austrian manufacturing standards with NZ-wide Jacks support!

Please note machine images may show optional equipment.

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Automatic tool changing for maximum flexibility

With an 8 station tool changer there's plenty of tooling flexibility for a wide variety of processing requirements and materials.

Main spindle 10kW

The 10kW motor provides plenty of power while the ceramic bearings ensure long life.

HSK F63 toolholders

Your tool holder is clamped with an HSK F63 connection which provides up to 5 times the clamping force as ISO30 tool holders and thus provides better tool stability which improves tool life and the quality of cut. The tool holders are monitored by 3 sensors to ensure safety.

Helical rack and pinion for precision movement

A helical rack and pinion in both X & Y ensure high accuracy machine positioning and significantly reduce the chance of “gantry racking”. A short pitch enables high precision movement while the reduction gearing guarantees high machining quality and accuracy.

The bearings consist of encapsulated ball bushings running on hardened and polished THK linear guides.

Vertical drilling unit with 8 vertical drilling spindles

6 spindles in the X direction and 2 in the Y direction. All spindles can be used individually or can be used in combination for “bank drilling”. Rotation speed is adjustable from 1000 up to 6000rpm to best suit the drill diameter.

All drill spindles can access the full width and length of the working table.

Dynamic Performance Gantry (DPG)

The unique Format-4 gantry enables rapid and smooth acceleration and deceleration of the gantry to improve the cut quality and reduce processing times.

Automatic length measurement

The tool will be measured whilst in the machine for the exact tool length, and the value is automatically transferred to the tooling database and saved.


The H08 is also available in a cell formation, with an automatic pusher.

Drilling head 8 spindle (6 x 2) FAM
Main spindle 10kW HSD
Tool changer 8 station linear
Tool holder clamping HSK F63
X, Y, Z working area 2500 x 1250 x 85mm
Vacuum 750 m³/h
Weight 1900kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Profit H08 Professional CNC
Profit H08 Professional CNC
Profit H200 CNC
Profit H200 CNC
Main spindle 10kW HSD Up to 15kW HSK F63 12kW
Weight 1900kg 3650kg 3500kg
Drilling head 8 spindle (6 x 2) FAM 24 spindle (18 + 6) 10 Spindles