Build Quality
Heavy duty frame construction. Twin 260 x 160 x 8mm thick steel beams form the foundation of the machine frame.  Precision welded; heat treated then machined on a 5 axis CNC to guarantee maximum accuracy for positioning components. Weight of frame alone: 1500kg. Total weight: 3200kg.

Superior 8mm thick steel gantry design dampens vibration.  Driven on both sides by independent servo motors with absolute encoders.  Eliminates gantry flex while maintaining repeatable accuracy. Positioning speed in X & Y axis of 100m/min.

100% Quality 
Only the highest quality components go into every KDT CNC.  Taiwanese PMI helical rack & pinion with German robotic flexible cables ensure performance you can rely on.   

Ease of Use 
Use of the latest software and operating systems provide a modern, user-friendly interface for the CNC operator. Automatic central lubrication, automatic gated extraction and monitored pop-up rails and stops ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

Heavy Duty Gantry (HDG) 
8mm thick steel gantry with 1.5KW servo motors on both sides providing positioning accuracy and fast acceleration and deceleration.

Powerful 12KW Main spindle 
Plenty of power for almost any job.

Twin X Axis Servo Motors
Prevents “racking” of gantry and increases processing accuracy.

Delta Controller & Windows 10 OS
Proven industrial CNC controller with Microsoft 10 operating system.

Modular System 
Add auto labelling, loading and unloading units to increase productivity and efficiency

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DH10 Drilling head

Vertical drilling unit with 10 vertical drilling spindles. 6 spindles in the X direction and 4 in the Y direction.

• All drilling spindles can be used individually or in combination • All drill spindles can access the full width and length of the working table • Rotation speed 6000rpm

Main spindle 12kW (15HP)

The main spindle is connected to the Z-axis plates and guided with 2 lineal guides. Z-axis movement with large diameter ball screw.

The tool is clamped with ISO-30 connection. The tool holder connection is monitored to maximise safety.

• Connected load: 12KW (15HP) • Spindle rotation speed: 1000 - 21000 rpm • Blower to improve dust extraction during operation • Bearing: ceramic bearings • Spindle cooling: air-cooled • Supplied with 12 tool holders

Automatic length measurement systems for tool in Z axis

No manual tool measurement required.

The tool will be measured whilst in the machine to provide an exact tool length. The length of the tool will be automatically transferred and saved to the tooling database.

The Z axis stroke will compensate for the tool length so that the exact milling depth is achieved.

12 Station rotary tool changer

The rotary tool changer travels with the gantry to speed up tool changes.

100 mm maximum tool diameter.

Your KN-3409DE CNC is equipped with 12 x tool holders as standard.

Control terminal for machine operation

• Mobile control terminal • Windows 10 Operating System • DELL colour monitor, keyboard & mouse • 1 USB port

Remote online support available via internet For fast and convenient support, we recommend connecting the PC to the internet. Enables a technician to access and support your machine remotely and also enables network connectivity.

Integration of the machine computer with your network must be carried out by your network administrator.

Includes handheld remote for testing programs and prototyping.

Vacuum system

Becker dry vane vacuum pump with a total vacuum performance of 250 m3/h at 50 Hz is supplied as standard with the KN-3409DE CNC. The vacuum pump combined with the multi grooved phenolic matrix table and efficient under table vacuum plumbing system, ensure workpieces are held firmly in position.

A control sensor for the vacuum suction level avoids the risk of components moving during processing and potentially being projected into the workshop.

Lineal workpiece guide rails

2 lineal rails, 1 on each side of the machine guide workpieces as they are being pushed off the machining table onto the (optional) outfeed conveyor table.

When loading panels manually the back rail and 2 panel locating pins on the left pop-up to help the operator position the panel accurately.

Both rails and pop-up pins are monitored to prevent the possibility of a collision with the main spindle.

Guiding system X & Y axis

The gantry movement along the X and Y axes is carried out through a helical rack and pinion system with lineal guides.

Helical rack and pinions ensure rack teeth are always fully engaged. Delivering smooth acceleration and deceleration with increased positioning accuracy.

Vacuum pusher arm

Use the vacuum pusher arm to clean the spoil board between processing sheets. Can also be used in combination with the (optional) outfeed conveyor table to automatically unload the machining table.

Also supplied with suction cups & side panel alignment pusher for connection to (optional) automatic loading table.

Efficient dust extraction system

Keep your workshop and CNC machine clean. Supplied with 3 independent extraction branches. 1 for the main spindle, 1 the drilling head and 1 for the vacuum pusher.

The automatic gate system closes the non-required extraction ports, channeling the extraction airflow to the required port.

No requirement for a 90° ducting bend above the extraction ports as on some CNC machines. A 90° bend significantly reduces airflow and extraction performance.

• 1 x 200mm extraction port connection • Air volume required 3400m3/h at 20m/sec

Table size 2860mm x 1260mm
Dust extraction 200mm
Drilling head 10 Spindles
Main spindle 12kW
Axis speed (X, Y, Z) 100 x 100 x 30m/min
Vacuum 250m³/h
Weight 3500kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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