The HS finger jointing lines offer the ultimate quality in the high performance class.

The horizontal single board milling cutters are the fastest you can get on the world market. Up to 200pcs per minute in continuous run and 14 press cycles make the line a production giant. Heavy duty components such as automatic feed and front side control can be additionally integrated.


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Fast...very fast

Up to 180 timber pieces per minute can be processed on the dual single board shapers.

Automatic feeding by Lugloader

With the Lugloader you can achieve continuous feeding of up to 180 pieces per minute, regardless of the length of the workpiece.

A variety of options

Trimming saws, planer heads, TrimSaver, timber moisture meter, glue detection, cut-to-length saws, a spin feeder, stackers, etc etc. Grecon and Weinig will match an HS machine to your requirements.

Efficient and cost effective

Part of the Weinig group, finger jointing specialists Grecon are the world technology leaders. No matter what your field of application, an HS series finger jointer offers the highest quality standard in all capacity ranges.


Motor 15kW (20hp)
Minimum workpiece length 110mm
Minimum workpiece width 37mm
Feed speed 42m/min (horizontal joint)

Specs shown are for a standard model, but Weinig offer a wide variety of options, so talk to us about customising a machine to suit you.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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