Weinig's Unimat series is an efficient, convincing solution for every processing requirement and budget.

A new multi-faceted construction and assembly strategy means Weinig produce the Uniline Series of Unimat moulders more efficiently than ever before - and at an unprecedented price point! What all the models have in common is the delivery of superior surface quality and absolute reliability for hard daily use.



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Unimat 200 series: Specifically developed for companies that are on a strict budget but do not want to sacrifice quality, or companies already producing on automated lines seeking a solution for short production runs.

Unimat 300 and 500 series: A compact yet strong design with a great deal of processing flexibility, giving you a valuable edge in production. The 500 series offers 33% more production with the same high quality as the 300 series.

Unimat 600 series: Powerful machines that can take it all. The Unimat 600 series is designed for tough daily work without compromise. A heavy cast iron base, driven table rollers and heavy duty pressure elements leave nothing to be desired.

Unimat 800 series: The perfectly tailored power package for working with widths up to 310mm. Whether you are making profiles or wider products, you can take on any job with an 800 series machine

Working height Options from 8 to 160mm
Working width Options from 20 to 230mm
Feed speed 5 to 30m/min

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Unimat Planer Moulders
Unimat Planer Moulders
Cube Foursider
Cube Foursider
Powermat 600 Planer Moulder
Powermat 600 Planer Moulder
Working height Options from 8 to 160mm 8 - 160mm 8 - 120mm (160 optional)
Working width Options from 20 to 230mm 20 - 260mm 20 - 230mm (260 optional)
Feed speed 5 to 30m/min 6 - 12m/min 5 - 30m/min

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