Mafell's Duo-Doweler jointers are the most precise and efficent portable dowel system on the market. The more powerful DD40P model is perfectly suited for larger dowel work in both cabinetry and solid timber joinery.

Thanks to the use of conventional wooden dowels combined with the precise Duo-Dowel Jointer DD40, Mafell has triggered a revolution in portable joining. Furthermore, the Duo-Dowel System DD40 is faster, more precise and less expensive than any other on the market.

The work is fastened exactly by the dowels, so that clamping is much simpler and quicker, or it can be omitted altogether. Mafell‘s DD40 System is an inclusive product package, comprising the DD40 in a case, wooden dowels, a glue bottle, two anti-slip mats and drill bits as standard.  Other accessories are available.

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Fast and accurate

Edge-to-edge and mitre corner joints. A clear scale for adjusting the material thickness and a turret with six stops enable you to reset the DD40 for a variety of thicknesses in a very short time.

Quick and economical

You can make carcasses with the DD40 and a dowel template

Auxiliary stops

Thanks to the auxiliary stops the edge spacing can be decreased or increased quickly and accurately. Retractable stop pins and auxiliary stops facilitate drilling near the edge - without the need for marking.


For use in staircase construction, in the workshop, and on site.


Motor 230V, 1000W (1.35hp)
Depth of cut 0-40 mm
Drilling head Dual drilling, 32 mm interval
Fence tilt 0-90°
Maximum tool Ø 5-16 mm
Chuck collet 8 mm
Spindle speeds 13,500 rpm
Weight 2.9 kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

DD40P Duo-Doweler
DD40P Duo-Doweler
DDF40 Duo-Doweler
DDF40 Duo-Doweler
Motor 230V, 1000W (1.35hp) 230V, 900W, (1.2hp)
Depth of cut 0-40 mm 0-40 mm
Drilling head Dual drilling, 32 mm interval Dual drilling, 32 mm interval
Fence tilt 0-90° 0-90 °
Maximum tool Ø 5-16 mm 3-12.2 mm
Chuck collet 8 mm 8 mm
Spindle speeds 13,500 rpm 8,000 rpm
Weight 2.9 kg 2.8 kg

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