Mafell's Duo-Doweler is the most precise and renowned portable dowel system on the market. The new DDF40 features a modern ergonomic design and flat baseplate that allows the working table and workpieces to act as a reference fence for quick and precise work.

Smart accessories included with the DDF 40 make it a convenient multi-purpose machine out of the box. With a variety of stops and fences available, in most cases you will not need to use a template or mark out work.

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Corner joints, partition joints & rows of holes

Basic applications of the DDF 40 include corner joints, partitions and rows of holes. Offering the precision of a stationary machine but the versatility of a portable machine, the DDF 40 is an extremlely valuable tool of the trade.

Dowel spacing

The proven technique of using dowels in pairs removes any risk of twisting or weak joints. The cabinetry standard of 32mm spacing is applied by the machine.

Height adjustment

Easy height adjustment up to a maximum of 62 mm.

Quick-select turret height adjustment

Commonly used heights can be selected via the turret.

Angle adjustment

The tilting fence is mounted on two columns and precise adjustment of the angle is possible from 0-90°. Indexed position stops at 22.5°, 45° and 67.5°.

Depth adjustment

Two stops allow two drilling depths to be pre-set and selected with a rotary knob. The knob also has a tool change setting which locks out the on/off switch.

Alignment markings

If preferred, marks on the window and base-plate enable the user to align the machine with marks on the work-piece.

Mafell T-MAX systainer

The DDF 40 and accessories is provided in the sturdy yet lightweight TMAX Systainer case

DDF 40: Corner Joints

DDF 40: Partition/Shelf Joint

DDF 40: Row of Holes

DDF 40: Frame Joint

DDF 40: Batten Joint

Motor 230V, 900W, (1.2hp)
Depth of cut 0-40 mm
Drilling head Dual drilling, 32 mm interval
Fence tilt 0-90 °
Maximum tool Ø 3-12.2 mm
Chuck collet 8 mm
Spindle speeds 8,000 rpm
Weight 2.8 kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

DDF40 Duo-Doweler
DDF40 Duo-Doweler
DD40P Duo-Doweler
DD40P Duo-Doweler
Motor 230V, 900W, (1.2hp) 230V, 1000W (1.35hp)
Depth of cut 0-40 mm 0-40 mm
Drilling head Dual drilling, 32 mm interval Dual drilling, 32 mm interval
Fence tilt 0-90 ° 0-90°
Maximum tool Ø 3-12.2 mm 5-16 mm
Chuck collet 8 mm 8 mm
Spindle speeds 8,000 rpm 13,500 rpm
Weight 2.8 kg 2.9 kg

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