Weinig EasyScan RT: innovative ripping optimisation


The EasyScan RT constitutes the next generation in rip scanners. Its revolutionary concept features automatic moving cameras, which set it apart from all competitor products. In contrast with conventional cross conveyor scanners, the number of sensors can be reduced drastically, cutting  costs to a minimum.

The cross conveyor feeds the boards into the scanner, then holds them motionless for scanning. For this the cameras move along the boards’ longitudinal axes. Thanks to this innovative solution, the mechanisation and space requirements are greatly reduced, in turn, reducing the costs of the cutting line enormously.


Existing cutting lines with or without geometric measurement can be re-fitted quickly and cost-effectively with the new Easy-Scan RT, because the existing cross conveyor transport can still be used to a large degree.


With its enhanced 2D optimization, the EasyScan RT represents an outstanding upgrade for your rip saw. The two-dimensional optimisation of the boards allows recovery to be significantly improved. Cross-cutting optimisation is already predicted during the ripping optimisation. Cross-cut scanners and rip scanners therefore work together in this instance. Optimisation according to both width and end-product significantly improves ripping decisions. Manual, laser-controlled width optimisation simply cannot compete with the potential of this system.

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Your Weinig EasyScan RT will provide: 

  • High productivity thanks to automated defect detection
  • Reduced labor costs, since labor-intensive manual marking is dispensed with
  • Increased recovery since the detection accuracy of the scanner is far superior to manual marking
  • More flexible production since many different qualities and products can be produced at the same time
  • Increased quality of end products
  • Ability to control the quality of end products according to individual customers, etc.
  • Innovative scanning concept for optimal integration with your ripping process

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Full details on the EasyScan RT series, extensions, technical specifications and reference studies can be found at the EasyScan RT page of Weinig's website.

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