Easyscan smart - high performance, low investment.

In modern wood processing, simple and fully automatic optimisation is the key to efficient and high-performance production. An upstream scanner is an integral component of the overall line. The EasyScan Smart detects the relevant timber defects (knots, wane, holes etc.) on all sides in the blink of an eye and supplies this data to one or two cross-cut saws downstream at full production speed.

Together with the OptiCore software, the EasyScan Smart not only brings your production completely new optimisation possibilities, but also offers the maximum production control and transparency of your manufacturing process at an affordable cost. Thanks to a small footprint, it is the perfect solution for upgrading existing lines, but also a useful addition in new optimising lines.

From small entry-level production to large manufacturing facilities - the EasyScan Smart is a reliable partner.

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Economic and powerful

The EasyScan Smart is a new addition to the innovative and completely re-developed product portfolio of Weinig scanners. The scanner features state-of-the-art sensor technology.

High quality, industrial-grade sensors and modern construction methods make EasyScan Smart the ideal platform for stable and efficient production performance. The scanner has been designed to operate in combination with 1 or 2 crosscut saws but is available for other applications as well. Thanks to a small footprint, it is not only the perfect solution for upgrading existing lines but also a useful addition in new optimizing lines. Scanner based optimising is now available for companies of all sizes.

The sensors

The EasScan Smart systems are fitted with laser and color cameras as standard. Having the combined detection capabilities of both cameras guarantees the best results.

Using this technology, it is possible to identify defects such as knots, pith, and cracks. The improved laser system also allows the detection of 3D surface defects such as holes, wane and edge defects. All sensors are protected with a sealed climate control system.

Defect detection with AI

OptiCore AI is an intelligent image processing software. This revolutionary method uses Deep Learning to automatically analyse and identify wood defects. OptiCore AI allows training the scanner to recognise and classify timber characteristics for multiple qualities to meet your final product requirements.

The software learns to process images like a human brain and is trained by being shown multiple defect examples. Deep Learning leads to improved accuracy, improved detection repeatability with changing wood characteristics and reduced set-up time.

Enhanced crack detection

The detection of flat, non-vertical cracks has always been difficult due to the positioning of the lasers. Operating with four specially positioned lasers, the Angle Crack Module is able to provide decisive additional information.

By creating an added contrast, the scanner is able to highlight flat and difficult cracks on top and bottom faces. Also, in this way, the general crack detection is improved, and the risk of over-detection is minimised.

Powerful optimising software

Manage your production optimally with OptiCore.

The software enables a very precise definition of your products and the necessary qualities. The sensors read every single piece of wood and the optimising software calculates the highest possible yield, taking into account your quality requirements. Your product details and qualities are stored in the database and can be quickly selected by 'drag-and-drop' if you want to use them for recurring projects.

Thanks to the simple and logical user guidance, OptiCore can be easily operated by any employee.

Improved cut accuracy

An important part of maximising yield and profit is locating the correct cut position, especially for fingerjoint products. Dual Scatter technology - comprising one line and one dot laser - provides this accuracy. While the line laser is mainly used for the detection of knots, cracks, and resin pockets, the additional dot lasers improve defect detection, especially on rough surfaces.

Cut positions are significantly enhanced based on the angle and shape of the dots. This helps to prevent damage in fingerjoint applications and to identify weak areas in strength grading products.

Simple adjustment is the key

The simple design of the EasyScan Smart is complemented by the simple, user-friendly software.

Minimising adjustment and calibration times increases the available production time and, therefore, output.

Automatic camera positioning ensures the cameras are in the ideal position to achieve the best resolution and image quality. It also prevents mistakes in setup, meaning production errors are reduced to a minimum.



Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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