The SVD186 Gouge Jig is used for an exact replication of the shape on fingernail-shaped turning gouges. You can also grind straight and curved V-tools.

The jig causes the tool to move towards the grindstone in a special way, according to the setting selected. This means that for turning gouges you can decide the maximum length of the side edges. For curved carving gouges, which are not ground with a fingernail shape, the jig setting compensates for the shape of the shank.


Whats the difference between the SVD185 and the SVD186?

The SVD186R is a further refinement of the SVD185. The jig now fits tools up to 36 mm wide (previously 25 mm), has an improved clamping insert, easy indexed setting for angle adjustment, full cast-zinc housing and the lower sleeve has been shortened to work better with the Tormek T4, T3 and Supergrind 1200.


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