With the Tormek TT50, you can true and dress your grindstone exactly round and flat. It mounts and locks instantly on the Tormek Universal Support. The tool is guided by the Universal Support, which also guides the jigs. This ensures that the stone surface is always parallel to the tool fitted in the jig.

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Redesigned TT50 Truing Tool

The new re-designed truing tool is manufactured in cast zinc which minimises play and improves precision and quality.

1. Easy feeding across the stone

You can conveniently, and without pressing with your thumbs, feed the diamond cutter across the stone. You achieve an even feeding by alternately turning the two knobs with both your hands. The feed can be made in both directions.

Thanks to the controlled feed, you get an even and flat stone surface with no ridges. There is no need to flatten afterwards with the Stone Grader SP650. The slower you feed, the finer the surface you will achieve. A traverse time of 90 seconds across the stone gives you a good finish with hardly any visible grooves.

2. Controlled cutting depth

The cutting depth is set exactly by the Micro Adjust on the Universal Support. New Universal Supports will have a scale with increments for each 0.25mm or 0.01". A cutting depth of 0.25mm or 0.01" corresponds to a sixth of a full turn.

3. Increased steel removal

With a higher feed speed across the stone (approximately 30 seconds instead of 90 seconds) the surface will have pronounced grooves, which will cause the stone to grind faster. This is beneficial when sharpening or shaping tools in hard steel with a large bevel area, e.g. turning skew chisels and electric jointer/planer blades.

Easy to use

The mounting and use of this latest Tormek innovation is very easy and straightforward as you can see in this instruction, which comes with the tool.





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