Tormek's original grindstone, and the one that comes as standard on your T4. The SG200 Original Grindstone has evolved over the years to offer the best combination of efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish and a long life. This stone efficiently cuts all types of tools and steel qualities, including HSS.

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The unique composition of the stone, together with the Stone Grader SP650, gives you two different cutting actions in one stone. The Stone Grader polishes the sur­face of the grindstone from its normal 220 grit to a finish that works like a 1000 grit stone. This is a great advantage, since you can do the fine sharpening* with the same setting of the jig as used for the initial shaping* of the tool.

The outside of the stone has a depressed centre and a machined flat, smooth surface for flattening the back of plane irons and wood chisels.

The SG200 Original Grindstone is the ideal choice when you want both efficient steel removal and fine finish in the same stone over a wide variety of materials, from carbon steel to high speed steel. For special applications, see the Japanese Waterstone.


* A distinction should be made between the shaping and sharpening of a tool. When shaping, you remove steel to achieve the shape and edge angle you want. When sharpening, you just touch up an existing shape to renew the sharpness.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.