Suitable for the T4 and T3, the Tormek SJ200 Japanese Waterstone is 4000 grit and delivers a mirror finish with hardly any visible marks.

It excels at sharpening hand tools like carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and wood chisels, where a minimum of steel removal is needed and a superior surface finish is demanded. Its unique composition gives the stone an extremely long life.

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Since it is made to create the finest surface, the SJ250 has a limited steel removal capacity and cannot be used for shaping* a tool. As the surface left by the Japanese Waterstone is so fine, we do not recommend honing afterwards on the leather honing wheel.

You should clean the stone surface of steel particles every minute or so with the fine side of the Stone Grader SP650. Do not use the coarse side of the Stone Grader on the Japanese Waterstone.


* A distinction should be made between the shaping and sharpening of a tool. When shaping, you remove steel to achieve the shape and edge angle you want. When sharpening, you just touch up an existing shape to renew the sharpness0

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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