The robust WL 600 shredder is perfect for small to middle-sized workshops, for the purpose of shredding all kinds of wood like particle board, MDF, solid wood, and other wood scrap.

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Powerful drive

By electric motor, power belt and a robust gearbox

Interchangeable screen

Achieve consistent shredding results with the flexible, interchangeable screen.

Adapt the screen to your needs. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the shredded material that is discharged.

Safe material feed with load-controlled ram

The ram, which moves horizontally back and forth via hydraulics feeds the material to the rotor, with Weima this can be controlled or cycled automatically depending on the load.

Robust rotor with knives

Vibration-damping rubber feet

Efficiently absorb vibrations with stable rubber feet.

Vibration-damping machine feet ensure a secure footing and help to significantly reduce disruptive vibrations in the surrounding area.

Since the machine does not have to be anchored to the ground first, installation is particularly flexible and convenient.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.805 x 1.118 x 1.645mm
Weight 1.100kg
Rotor Speed (rpm) 80-125
Rotor length 600mm
Rotor Diameter 260mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

WL 600 Shredder
WL 600 Shredder
WL 4 Shredder
WL 4 Shredder
WL 6 Shredder
WL 6 Shredder
WL 8 Shredder
WL 8 Shredder
Rotor Speed (rpm) 80-125 80-125 80-125 80 -125
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.805 x 1.118 x 1.645mm 1.190 x 2.045 x 1.640mm 1.540 x 2.045 x 1.840mm 1.740 x 2.045 x 1.840mm
Weight 1.100kg 1.300kg 1.700kg 2,200kg
Rotor length 600mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm
Rotor Diameter 260mm 260mm 260mm 260mm

Shredding + Compressing

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