The WL 8 single-shaft shredder is a renowned shredder specifically designed for processing various types of wood waste. It has established itself as a classic choice and can be found in numerous woodworking shops worldwide. Its global popularity speaks to its reliability and competitive price-to-performance ratio.

One of the key advantages of the WL 8 shredder is its robust construction. This feature sets it apart from other shredders in its size and category, giving it a longer life cycle. The sturdy build ensures that the machine can withstand the demanding nature of wood waste processing and endure heavy use over an extended period.

The WL 8 shredder's durability contributes to its high reliability, making it a trusted choice for woodworking professionals. This machine is designed to handle various types of wood waste, including both solid and bulky materials, effectively reducing them to desired sizes.


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PLC control with touch display

Intuitive operation ensures that the electronics are optimally matched to the machine.

Weima design, build and wire their own control cabinets using only high-quality components, for example from Siemens or Rittal Intuitive touch interfaces guarantee quick adjustments and functions which are machine specific such as setting the ram cycle or stop ensure a high throughput. The built-in overload gives added protection.

Profiled V rotor

Precise cut with high throughput with profiled V rotor.

The V rotor is specially developed by Weima, can be used universally and is made of solid material. Its aggressive material feed with up to two rows of knives guarantees a high throughput with low power requirements.

It can be equipped with hardened steel cutting knives in edge lengths of 30 mm and 40 mm. These can be turned over several times in case of wear, which drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Powerful drive with Weima WAP gearboxes

Weima have been manufacturing their own WAP gearboxes in their German production facilities for many years.

The electromechanical drive via V-belt and powerful electric motor is also optimally protected against shocks and interference thanks to the built-in vibration damper. This counteracts increased wear and extends the service life of a machine.

Free-flow hopper design

The hopper's rounded front design helps prevent material bridges. Material bridges occur when the shredder's opening gets clogged or jammed, and the rounded shape can reduce the likelihood of this happening by allowing materials to flow more freely.

Even with bulky items the shredder can cut itself free and continue operating, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for shredding materials with minimal interruptions.

Durable rotor bearings

Thanks to their offset design the rotor bearing are robustly designed to stand up to the stresses it is subjected to while in operation.

To prevent dust or foreign matter from getting inside it is set apart from the machine frame. This also makes it very maintenance-friendly and easy to access.

Safe material feed with load-controlled ram

The ram, which moves horizontally back and forth via hydraulics, feeds the material to the rotor, with Weima it can be controlled or cycled automatically depending on the load. If required, this can also be controlled manually.

Interchangeable screen

Achieve consistent shredding results with the flexible, interchangeable screen

Adapt the screen to your needs. The smaller the hole diameter, the finer the shredded material that is discharged.

Vibration-damping rubber feet

Efficiently absorb vibrations with stable rubber feet.

Vibration-damping machine feet ensure a secure footing and help to significantly reduce disruptive vibrations in the surrounding area.

Since the machine does not have to be anchored to the ground first, installation is particularly flexible and convenient.

Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.740 x 2.045 x 1.840mm
Weight 2,200kg
Rotor Speed (rpm) 80 -125
Rotor length 1000mm
Rotor Diameter 260mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

WL 8 Shredder
WL 8 Shredder
WL 6 Shredder
WL 6 Shredder
WL 6 S Shredder
WL 6 S Shredder
WL 10 Shredder
WL 10 Shredder
Rotor Speed (rpm) 80 -125 80-125 80-125 80-125
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1.740 x 2.045 x 1.840mm 1.540 x 2.045 x 1.840mm 1.700 x 2.100 x 1.730mm 1.890 x 2.100 x 1.730mm
Weight 2,200kg 1.700kg 1.700kg 3000kg
Rotor length 1000mm 800mm 800mm 1000mm
Rotor Diameter 260mm 260mm 370mm 370mm

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