The following is a plain English summary of our Warranty Policy. The full version is contained within the Terms and Conditions which form part of our sales contracts.

In most cases, the equipment we sell has a useful life measured in decades, not just years. And most of our customers have more than one machine, often a whole factory or workshop. Jacks has been in business over 70 years, since way back in 1946. So the big majority of our customers have dealt with us before, often many times. They come back because they receive good service and fair treatment. The best guarantee that Jacks will treat you fairly is our interest in your next machine, and the next.

Unless otherwise agreed with you in writing, the JacksWill warranty covers any new goods we supply for at least 12 months of normal operation from date of despatch to you. We promise that the goods will comply with the manufacturer's specifications as at the date of manufacture, and will be free of defective materials or workmanship.

If, for whatever reason, we have not kept this promise, we will at our option, repair, modify or replace the goods or exchange them for a full refund. The JacksWill warranty is not limited to the replacement of parts: we will also pay for the cost of materials, labour and freight.

To be protected by this warranty:

  • You must pay for the goods on whatever basis was agreed
  • You must not make repairs, replacements or modifications without our prior agreement.
  • You must notify us of any defect within 7 days of its appearance so we have a chance to fix it.
  • If parts are being replaced, you must give us the option of having the parts returned to our store, freight paid, for evaluation of your claim.
  • You must lodge any claim not later than 30 days after the warranty period expires.

Please note that because Jacks cannot be aware of the precise purposes every individual customer may intend for the goods, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that their functionality will be suitable for your particular purpose.