Bjoern was swayed towards the Homag1130AT because of the economical price, small footprint and airTec system. He’d worked on edgebanders from other manufacturers in the past which helped give him clarity when deciding on the Homag. Local support was also high on the priority list. How Jacks handled an issue with his spindle moulder gave him confidence he’d be properly looked after with his new edgebander. 

Bjoern definitely wanted his new edgebander to be able to process laser tape. “We only use glue for veneer work and if the tape isn’t available in laser. We use laser tape as much as possible. We even edge our carcasses with laser tape using the Homag airTec system. Although laser tape is a bit more expensive, the finish is so much cleaner, which saves us time. We don’t have to change glue colours and there are no ugly glue lines. We also don’t have to change the settings on the Homag that often as we mostly run 1mm tape.” 

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