Homag is the worldwide market leader of edgebanders, and their EDGETEQ range is perfectly suited to the small to mid-sized companies of New Zealand.

Compact and affordable, and based on the popular 'Ambition' range (previously branded 'Brandt'), Homag's EDGETEQ S-200 machines offer precision, near invisible glue lines and no more ‘hand finishing.' Their high-tech ‘line control’ virtually eliminates much of the set-up process.

Flexibility and intuitive operation characterise the compact edgebanding machines of the entry-level EDGETEQ S-200 Series:

  • Complete processing of edgings at an excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • 6 different models to meet every requirement
  • Perfect edges
  • Optimum entry-level machine
  • Short, compact machine
  • Intuitive operation – innovative easyTouch control system
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Proven technology that will last and last

For the most demanding standards of quality and reliability there is no substitute for a Homag.

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(Please note specifications vary by model)

  • For banding edges of up to 3 mm and workpieces of up to 40 mm (60 mm - 1120 F / 1130 FC)
  • Also available with joint trimming unit for a perfect cut and optimum glue joint quality
  • Glue applied directly onto the workpiece to ensure constant application (i.e. for processing of PUR-glue).
  • Two-motor end-trimming unit for optimum cutting results
  • Contour trimming unit for rounding corners
  • Freely configurable post-processing for a high level of flexibility
  • Zero joints - airTec unit for a perfect zero joint finish
Panel thickness 8 - 40 (opt 60mm)
Tape thickness 0.3 - 3mm
Solid strip thickness 0.3 - 3mm
Feed speed 8m/min

Machines in the EDGETEQ range include: 
Model 1110
Model 1110 F
Model 1120 C
Model 1120 FC
Model 1120 F
Model 1130 FC
Model 1130 AT

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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