The Vibra-Clean (VC) range of dust extractors are for air volumes ranging from 2,600m³/hr to 46,000m³/hr, and with the flexibility of either a wheelie bin or larger dump bin. With a compact footprint yet large filter area, and clever airflow design the VC series deliver class leading results for excellent value.

With proven vibration filter cleaning technology Vibra-Clean offers a reliable cost effective solution for workshops where online cleaning is not required. (i.e filters are cleaned when workshop machinery does not require the extractor to operate.) The cleaning process is automated at every shut down so there is no operator involvement. Vibration intensity and duration can be varied to suit different applications.

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Flexible waste collection

The Vibra-Clean range of dust extractors are ideally suited to the small to medium-sized factory or workshop that requires medium to high air volumes with light or variable dust loadings. They offer the flexibility of either a wheelie bin or larger dump bin for waste collection.

A power plan to suit your use

Extractor power is customised to suit your requirements. Furthermore, each extractor can be fitted with a range of power optimisation features. From soft start to full inverter fan speed management with each system individually tuned on site to minimise power consumption without compromising the operational effectiveness at the machine. This can include manually or automatically controlled shut off valves at each outlet.

A modular design

Vibra-Clean is a modular design using specially-made tough spun bonded polyester wide angle cartridge filter, encased in enamelled steel. Models with 4, 8, 16 and 24 pleated filter cartridges are offered - with short filters available where height restrictions require a lower overall extractor height.

Each machine is Australian built from powder coated galvanised steel with stainless steel fittings to enable the units to be installed either inside the factory or outside where its fully sealed design makes it weatherproof.

Air flow To 46,000m³/hr
Dimensions (W x D x H) Varies according to your specification

Micronair custom match fan types, motors, types of filter media and cleaning techniques with waste bin sizes and waste storage and disposal systems. This flexibility allows for individual demands and special requirements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

VC series
VC series
EC series
EC series
CF series
CF series
Air flow To 46,000m³/hr To 20,000m³/hr To 100,000m³/hr