Four sided planing has never been so easy.

Fast, precise, efficient, and no set-up! Create precise 90° right angled, dimensionally accurate, straight workpieces in a single pass.

The Cube is 10 times faster than straightening with a buzzer and thicknesser, slashing your skilled labour costs, production time, and production errors.

Anyone can run a Cube - forget about expensive training. Dimension changes are performed six times faster than with the familiar motorised spindle adjustment.

  • Spindle settings projected onto workpiece by laser - no more "scant" or hit and miss
  • Optimised extraction hoods and specially designed tools reduce extraction requirements by up to 60%
  • Easylock tooling lets you resume production straight after a knife change, without even changing any settings!


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Get optimal results with MoulderPreView

Know in advance what will come out afterwards! Spindle settings are projected onto the workpiece by laser, allowing you to optimise settings before processing with even chip removal from all four sides.

No more "scant" or hit and miss.

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is on everyone’s agenda, and the Cube leads the way.

With optimised extraction hoods and a ventilation effect generated by specially developed tools, extraction requirements are reduced by up to 60%.

Simple, accurate knife changes with the EasyLock system

Production can resume straight after a swift knife change without adjusting any machine settings. It simply doesn’t get any easier!

Plug and play

A small footprint and a compact solid design make for easy placement in your workshop. The Cube is truly plug and play, and can be moved easily around the workshop with just a lift truck.

Forget expensive training

Dimension changes are performed six times faster than with the familiar motorised spindle adjustment. You can even adjust the machine with the motor running.

Motor Approx 18kW combined
Weight 2100kg
Working width 20 - 260mm
Working height 8 - 160mm
Feed speed 6 - 12m/min

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cube Foursider
Cube Foursider
Unimat Planer Moulders
Unimat Planer Moulders
Working width 20 - 260mm Options from 20 to 230mm
Working height 8 - 160mm Options from 8 to 160mm
Feed speed 6 - 12m/min 5 to 30m/min


Want to know more? Read about local Cube owners from Joiners magazine.

James Cook Joinery in Wellington, June 2012 

Rockfield Woodworkers in Auckland, September 2012

Grant Kearney Joinery in Rangiora, Canterbury, March 2016

Classical Doors in Tauranga, March 2017

Watch the video

Rockfield Woodworkers are so pleased with their machine they've made their own YouTube video about it! 



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