The EScan LuxscanLine represents a major step into a new application for Weinig – optimized sorting by strength. A range of different options for sorting by strength now enable certified production of glulam, DUO, TRIO and other strength-related products.


EScan is an inspection system for components with strength requirements in accordance with EN-14081. EScan calculates the strength class of a board on a cross conveyor via its dynamic E-module (MOEdyn,long) and the density ρ. A hammer causes the board to vibrate, which is measured by a laser interferometer. The density (ρ) is calculated from weight and dimension measurements.


The bending strength is then calculated using statistical models. This proven method delivers consistent results for calculating the mechanical resistance (strength class) of a board.


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Benefits of EScan

  • Up to 180 boards / minute 
  • Dynamic E-module measurement via laser interferometer 
  • Density measurement via dynamic weighing and dimension measurement 
  • Measurement during throughout feed (board does not have to be stopped for measurement) 
  • Easily integrated into existing production lines 
  • User-friendly control interface (touchscreen) 
  • Detailed production statistics 
  • Network compatible 
  • Can be directly connected to all optical and X-ray scanners of the CombiScan+ series 
  • PC-based system 

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Full details on the EScan can be found on the EScan page of Weinig's website.

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